As a humanist I believe that now more than ever before it is our duty as both individuals and collectively to be the grown ups in the environmental room and care for this planet all the time that we are living on it. 

Now don’t think for one moment that I’m a party pooper, because I’m very much a “live for today” kinda gal BUT let’s hedge our bets a little and also plan and live responsibly so that we have the opportunity to live for tomorrow as well. With a little planning in our lives it really is possible to act in ways which reduce pollution and emissions and preserve natural resources and prevent waste. 

Weddings are glorious, colourful, spectacular and rightly so. We spend huge amounts of time creating beautiful tableaux to showcase our celebration of love BUT often unwittingly don’t think about the impact of some of our wedding choices. Why invest in single use plastic decorations or favours for your guests when you could have some of the many environmentally friendly wedding goods that are now available. Better still, why not consider hiring rather than buying wedding decorations and the single use issue is no longer an issue. I try to be one of these grown ups in both my home and business life – I’m not perfect, but I do try and I encourage others to do the same…

There are many sources of advice for how to be sustainable – talk to me or look at sites such as here.

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